Insider tips for visiting Duomo Florence

Florence Duomo is the third largest cathedral in the world and the most visited attraction in Florence. 

Planning a trip to Florence Duomo can be a little overwhelming if you do not know what to expect.

Whether it’s your first visit or you are a professional traveler, brushing up on some tips is always good before you visit. 

In this article, we give you some essential tips to visit Florence Duomo and help you enjoy a pleasant visit. 

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1. Purchase tickets in advance

Purchase tickets in advance
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One of the best tips for visiting Florence Cathedral is to get your tickets in advance. 

You can avoid long lines at the ticket counters by purchasing your Florence Cathedral tickets ahead of time.

Florence Cathedral offers a range of tickets, including only cathedral entry, cathedral and dome climb, cathedral and dome climb skip the line tickets, etc. 

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2. Plan your visit ahead of time

Plan your visit ahead of time
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Florence Cathedral is the third largest Cathedral in the world and welcomes 4.5 million visitors every year. 

Hence you need to plan your visit. 

Before you arrive, check the opening hours, layout and decide which attraction you want to visit in the Duomo Florence Complex. 

Prioritize your time and avoid long lines at the entrance.

3. Know which entrance to take

florence cathedral entry
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Visitors must know that Brunelleschi’s dome and Santa Reparta Crypt lie inside the Florence Cathedral but have separate entrances. 

The Florence Cathedral has designated entrances for different parts of the complex. 

All visitors who want to tour the Cathedral must take the main door. 

All visitors with the Florence Cathedral tour ticket should take this entrance. 

To visit Santa Reparta Crypt from outside the Cathedral, take the door on the left, near the bell tower. 

To climb the dome, take the entrance on the right of the Cathedral. 

You can find the entrance for the bell tower, San Giovanni Baptistery and Museum at the particular building. 

4. Follow the dress code

Follow the dress code
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Florence Cathedral is not only a tourist spot but a place of religious worship. 

You must dress modestly while visiting Florence Cathedral.

The dress code of Florence Cathedral is smart casual, which means no shorts, swimwear, or athletic wear.

Visitors need to make sure that their shoulders and knees are covered. 

You can carry scarves if you want to cover your head. 

While the dress code is not implemented at the Dome and the Duomo Museum, it is recommended to dress modestly. 

5. Visit the dome first

Visit the dome first
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The most important tip for visiting the Florence Cathedral is to visit Brunelleschi’s dome first. 

You can find a long waiting line of visitors outside the cathedral during the initial opening hours. 

If you visit at this time, we recommend heading to the dome first and then climbing down to tour the Cathedral. 

This will let you have a crowd-free private dome climbing experience.

By the time you head down, the crowd will start moving upstairs, and you can enjoy a pleasant visit to the cathedral.

6. Take a guided tour

Take a guided tour
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With a guided tour, visitors can get the best of their visit to Florence Duomo. 

On a guided tour, you are accompanied by an expert guide who navigates you around the attractions and narrates exciting facts about the place. 

Guided tours also allow you to skip the lines and enjoy priority access with your group. 

Things to remember

Image : oxana v on Unsplash

There are certain rules and regulations you must remember while visiting Florence Cathedral. 

Dress code

The dress code is strictly enforced in the Cathedral. 

Only visitors dressed appropriately are allowed inside the Cathedral. 

So make sure you follow the dress code for a pleasant visit. 

ID proof 

All visitors must carry their ID proof to enter the Cathedral or other attractions in the complex, like the Museum, Baptistery and bell tower. 

Upon arrival, foreign tourists are required to provide their visa and passport information.


Photography is allowed inside Florence Duomo, Dome and other attractions in the complex. 

Visitors should note that the photos should be taken without flashes or noise. 

You can not carry selfie sticks and tripods. 


You can not carry huge luggage inside the cathedral. 

Visitors need to leave their luggage at the Duomo Museum checkroom. 

Storage facilities are not available in the Cathedral.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are prohibited inside the Cathedral or other attractions in the Duomo compound. 

Cell Phones

While touring the Cathedral and the complex, you must put your phones on silent mode. 

Using cell phones or electronic devices loudly inside the cathedral is considered rude and inconsiderate. 

Pets and guide dogs

Pets are not permitted into the premises of Santa Maria Del Fiore. 

This rule also applies to guide dogs. 

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