Duomo Florence Map

All visitors must carry a handy copy of the Duomo Florence map to enjoy an easy visit to the Cathedral. 

The Florence Cathedral Map is your magical guidebook to exploring the stunning Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. 

The map makes it easy to find your suitable entrance and explore the Duomo complex. 

Map of Duomo Florence
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Duomo Florence entrances 

Duomo Florence has three entrances– one in the center and two on either side. 

The main entrance, located at the front of the cathedral, welcomes you to explore its grandeur.

This entrance was designed by artist Lorenzo Ghiberti, who created the impressive bronze doors. 

While all entrances lead to the same breathtaking interior, each door is adorned with unique panels and designs, showcasing different scenes from religious stories. 

All visitors who want to tour the Cathedral must take the main entrance. 

You can access the Santa Reparta Crypt through two different entrances. 

If you are inside the Cathedral’s main floor, you can walk down the steps and reach Santa Reparta Crypt. 

For visitors who want to enter Santa Reparta Crypt from outside the Cathedral, the entrance is on the left side of the Cathedral, near the bell tower. 

The entrance to the Dome is on the right side of the Cathedral. It is also called the Cupola Entrance or Porta della Mandorla. 

Florence Cathedral Layout and interior

When you step into the Florence Cathedral, you’re not just entering a place of worship – you’re immersing yourself in a world of art, history, and spirituality. 

Let’s unravel the wonders of its layout and interior, where every detail holds a story.

Cruciform Layout

The cathedral’s layout forms a cross, with a long central nave and shorter transept arms. 

This “cruciform” design reflects the Christian cross and the reverence for Christ’s sacrifice. 

As you walk through, you’ll feel the sacredness of this layout, connecting you to centuries of worship and devotion.

Main Altar and Side Chapels

The main altar is at the heart of the cathedral, adorned with intricate designs and precious materials. 

Like little sanctuaries, the side chapels hold artworks and important figures’ tombs. 

These chapels offer moments of quiet reflection and provide a glimpse into the lives of those honored here.

Nave and Aisles

As you move through the nave – the central part of the cathedral – you’ll be captivated by its grandeur. 

The soaring columns and arches create a sense of awe, guiding your eyes toward the altar. 

The aisles on the sides provide space for contemplation, where you can marvel at sculptures and artworks. 

Stained Glass Windows

The cathedral’s stained glass windows are like intricate jewels, allowing colorful light to dance within. 

There are 44 stained glass windows that narrate tales from the old and new Testaments. 

These windows depict biblical stories and saints, illuminating the space with a heavenly glow. 

Take a moment to admire the vibrant hues and the artistry that brings these stories to life.

Artworks and Sculptures

Every corner of the cathedral is adorned with sculptures and artworks. 

These creations tell stories of faith, redemption, and human achievement, from the magnificent dome to the niches and niches. 

Take the chance to appreciate the craftsmanship and the emotions conveyed through these masterpieces.

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1. What is the main cathedral in Florence?

The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as Florence Cathedral, is Florence’s main cathedral and place of worship. 

2. Why is the Florence Cathedral famous?

The Florence Cathedral, or Duomo, is famous for its stunning Renaissance architecture, including the iconic dome designed by Brunelleschi. 

It’s a symbol of Florence’s artistic and cultural legacy.

3. What are the parts of the Florence Cathedral?

The Florence Cathedral, or Duomo complex, consists of the cathedral, the Baptistry of St. John, Giotto’s Campanile (bell tower), and the Crypt with its associated Crypt Museum.

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