Accademia, Uffizi Gallery, Duomo Combo Tickets

For art lovers and history buffs visiting the enchanting city of Florence, a trip would be incomplete without exploring its world-renowned museums and iconic landmarks. 

While visiting all top attractions and museums can be heavy on the bank, you can save up to 50% on individual entry tickets with a little planning. 

The Accademia, Uffizi and Duomo combo ticket offers entry to three attractions at half the price.  

This comprehensive ticket allows you to embark on a journey through time and unravel the stories behind the city’s artistic and architectural marvels. 

You can enjoy the majestic Duomo, Michelangelo’s breathtaking David, and the vast collections of the Uffizi Gallery.

Visitors with the combo ticket can bypass the long queues and enjoy a knowledgeable tour with an expert guide.  

Immerse yourself in the vibrant history of Florence on a 3.5-hour guided tour where every corner whispers tales of artistic genius, cultural triumph, and enduring beauty.

Ticket Inclusions

  • Local professional guide for both the museums and the Cathedral
  • Museum skip-the-line entrance ticket
  • Earphones inside the museums
  • Direct and dedicated access to Florence Duomo

Ticket Prices

The Accademia, Uffizi, and Duomo combo tour costs €125 for all visitors over six years.

Children up to five years old can enter for free.

Visitor’s AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (6 years and above)€125
Child ticket (up to 5 years)Free

Why Choose The Accademia, Uffizi Gallery, Duomo Combo Tickets

You should choose Accademia, Uffizi Gallery, and Duomo combo tickets to conveniently tour the best attractions without waiting in long lines. 

The combo tour ticket lets you visit three famous attractions in one go, saving you time and hassle.

With this tour ticket, you get dedicated access to the Florence Duomo and see the cathedral’s stunning architecture and intricate details. 

This combo ticket is perfect for anyone who wants to make the most of their time in Florence and see the city’s top attractions without hassle. 

It’s a great value for money and ensures you have an unforgettable experience exploring the art and architecture of this beautiful city.

Who is The Accademia, Uffizi Gallery, Duomo Combo Tickets Suitable For

The Accademia, Uffizi Gallery, and Duomo Combo Tickets suit various people. 

The combo tour is suitable for first-time visitors to Florence who want to see the city’s most famous landmarks without any hassle.

The combo tour is also suitable for budget travelers who want to make the most of their money. 

By purchasing this combo ticket, they can access three major attractions for a discounted price compared to buying individual tickets.

FAQs About Accademia, Uffizi Gallery, Duomo Combo Tickets

1. Is it necessary to book tickets in advance?

Booking tickets in advance is recommended to ensure availability, especially during peak tourist seasons when tickets might sell out fast.

2. What languages are the guided tours available in?

Guided tours are available in both Spanish and English, providing flexibility for tourists from different language backgrounds.

3. How long does the guided tour last?

The guided tour lasts approximately 3.5 hours, allowing visitors to explore the highlights of each attraction without feeling rushed.

4. Are audio guides provided?

Yes, earphones are provided inside the museums for a better-guided experience.

5. Is this combo ticket suitable for solo travelers?


The Accademia, Uffizi Gallery, and Duomo Combo Tickets offer a hassle-free way for solo travelers to explore Florence’s top attractions without worrying about long lines or multiple ticket purchases.

6. Can elderly visitors enjoy this tour?

Yes, the tour is suitable for elderly visitors who want to experience Florence’s art and architecture comfortably. 

The guided tours provide insightful commentary and assistance throughout the visit.

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